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Ancestors of John William Brearton *

Twelfth Generation

2176. Matthys Janse Lanen van Pelt 1 was born on 12 Apr 1618 in Overpelt, Leige, Belgium. He was christened on 12 Apr 1618 in Catholic Church, Overpelt, Leige, Belgium. He died in 1683 in New Utrecht, Ny, USA . He married Maryken Gijsberts on 1 Nov 1640 in Tuil, Gelderland Province, The Netherlands. [Parents]

Reference that his wife was buried at sea while he and his brother came to America:

Teunis Van Pelt was born about 1628 at Leige, Holland, the son of Jan Lanen Van Pelt. He married in 1663 Grietie Jans who died by 1696. They came to New York on the "Rose Tree" in 1663, with six children and his brother Matthys whose wife was buried at sea. He took the oath of allegiance at New Utrecht in 1687. His seond wife was Gertrude Jans, widow of John Otter by whom he had three daughters. He was called Teunis the fisher. He died in 1696 at New Utrecht, NY.

2177. Maryken Gijsberts 1 was born about 1620. She died in 1663 in At Sea en route to New Netherlands. [Parents]

Dutch-Colonies-L Archives

From: Dorothy Koenig <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Gibersons/Guisbertson/Gybertson/VanPelts? (fwd)
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 13:25:46 -0800 (PST)

Dear Geneen, You will find these families on page 130 of Carl Boyer III's
"Ship Passenger Lists, New York and New Jersey, 1600-1825". They have
also been reprinted elsewhere. Here are the listings of the two VAN PELT

"Teunis Jansen, from the country of Liege, wife and six children, 18, 16,
14, 9, 7, and 2 years old."

and Teunis' brother's family:

"Thys Jansen, from the country of Liege, and four children, 17, 15, 13,
and 11 years old."

You appear to be taking the details of this family from A. Van Doren
Honeyman's account published in volume 2 of his "Somerset County
Historical Quarterly" (April 1913).

Some of his information is in error, e.g. the named of Mattys Janszen
Lanen Van Pelt's first wife -- the one who died on the voyage and was
buried at Texel -- was NOT "Tryntje" (as Honeyman had speculated) but
Maryken Gisberts. The name "Gisbert" came into the Lane family when
Mattys Jansen and Maryken Gisberts named their son in honor of his
maternal grandfather.

The date of Mattys' marriage was 1 Nov 1640 in the village of Tuil,
Gelderland Province, The Netherlands:

"Mattijs Pelt, soldier under Captain De Swart, and Maryken Gijberts, young
daughter of Buermalsen."

I am forwarding the message that I sent to you and the list on December
6th last year as I had already commented on the use of patronymics at that

It may be well to remember that the surname GIBERSON could derive from
*any* man with the given name Gisbert/Gilbert. The possibilities are not
limited to the Lanen Van Pelt families.

Cheers! Dorothy

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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 18:12:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Dorothy Koenig <>
Subject: Re: [D-Col] Gibersons/Guisbertson/Gybertson/VanPelts?
Resent-Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 18:10:51 -0800

Dear Geneen, Many Dutch families did not always use surnames that were
"inherited" in each generation. In earlier times they used the patronymic
naming system in which a child took his or her father's first name --
given name -- in its possessive form. For example, say a man was named
Cornelis Pieterszen. You would know immediately that Cornelis' father's
first name was "Pieter". Let us say that Cornelis had a daughter Sara and
a son Jan. Sara would be called "Sara Cornelis" and Jan would be called
"Jan Corneliszen".

And now to your specific case. In 1663 on the ship "The Rosetree" two
brothers came to New Netherland with their families. They came from the
village of Over Pelt in the Prince Bishopric of Liege (now in Belgium).
In Europe their family used the surname Lanen. Their father's name was
Jan. So the two brothers were called "Teunis Janszen Lanen van Pelt" and
"Mattys Janszen Lanen van Pelt". The first wife of Mattys was a woman
named "Maryken Guisberts" (Mary, the daughter of Gilbert -- giving the
Dutch names their English equivalents). Gisbert had been born on 2 Dec
1646 in the village of Tuil, Gelderland Province, of the Netherlands, and
he was the eldest child of Mattys and Maryken.

In the New World Gisbert Tyssen Lanen -- "Tys" is the nickname of his
father's name, Mattys -- married Jannetje Adriaens Smith. (The Smith
family had come to America on the same ship, "The Rosetree", in 1663.)
Gisbert and Jannetje moved to New Jersey where most of their descendants
adopted the surname LANE. Their sons would have had the patronymic

Most of the descendants of Mattys' brother, Teunis Janszen Lanen Van Pelt,
adopted the surname VAN PELT. So Lanes and Van Pelts are cousins.


On Wed, 6 Dec 2000 wrote:

> I am researching the name of Giberson from Monmouth Co., NJ. I had a
> genealogist write to me saying: "This Guisbertson was the progenitor of the
> Giberson family as name was afterwards spelled and I think was really a
> VanPelt." From a footnote on a referred page noting Guisbertson, it said "The
> Lane, Tysen, or Tice, Pietersen and Giberson surnames are all derived from a
> VanPelt progenitor."
> Can anyone explain this to me and how would the name change from or to
> VanPelt?
> Also I know I read somewhere how the Dutch would name their children - boys
> and girls, in a certain order. Can anyone relate this back to me?
> Thank you all, Geneen


2186. Aucke Jansen van Nuyse 1 was born about 1625 in Nuis, Groningen, , Holland. He died on 15 May 1698 in New Utrecht, Kings, New York. He married Magdalena Pieterse on 23 Apr 1645 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands.

Other Ancestral which matches him:

Death date confirmation:®ion=5®ionfriendly=Continental+Europe&frompage=99

2187. Magdalena Pieterse was born in 1623/1626 in Nuis, Groningen, , Holland. [Parents]®ion=11&frompage=99


2306. Michael Powell (e) was born on 23 Dec 1605 in England. He died on 23 Jan 1672/1673 in Boston, Massachusettes. He married Abigail Bedle about 1630 in England.

Source for birth: Title: Hulet Quarterly Vol 6

Michael was born in England c1605. Abigail, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Collins) Bedle, was baptized on March 1, 1608, Wolverston, Suffolk, England. They were married about 1630 in England. Michael, Abigail and their two oldest daughters immigrated to Massachusetts in 1639 and purchased a lot from Timothy Dalton at Dedham. Timothy had been a minister at Wolverston from 1618 until 1636 and probably knew Michael and Abigail. Michael was licensed on May 6, 1646, to open an "ordinary", which was a small tavern. This is the first recorded tavern in Dedham. In 1648 Michael moved to Boston after apparently selling his tavern to Joshua Fisher. At Boston Michael became deeply involved with the Old North Church. He wanted to become a minister, but was refused due to lack of education. Therefore, he served as a lay preacher and elder. Michael died prior to March 20, 1673/73, Boston. Abigail died between March 14 and April 21, 1677. [Sources: Michael Powell of Dedham and Boston by Robert C. Anderson, NEHGR July 1977; A History of Dedham, Massachusetts by Frank Smith] History of Michael Powell by Randall S. Hulet (Hulet Quarterly Vol 6) His name first appears on the records in New England as one who among others on August 18, 1636, signed the covenant sent to the General Court for an application for a town at Dedham, Norfolk, Mass., which is a few miles southeast of Boston. Ancestral File says Michael was born December 28, 1605, Romford, Essex, England and died January 28, 1673 with burial on January 31. It also give April 28, 1679 as a death date for Abigail. Ancestral File give three additional children named Margaret (b. before 1838, b. c1838, b. June 6, 1649) If this is correct, then the Margaret who married Anthony Howard must have been born in 1649)

2307. Abigail Bedle was born on 14 Mar 1607/1608 in Wolverston, Suffolk, England . She was christened on 14 Mar 1607/1608 in Wolverston, Suffolk, England . She died - 19 Apr 0077 in Boston, Massachusettes. [Parents]


2496. John Case (e) was born in 1629 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He died on 7 Apr 1675 in Hampton, Rockingham, Nh . He was buried in Hampton, Rockingham, Nh . He married Martha Philbrick (e) on 7 Apr 1647 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire .

2497. Martha Philbrick (e) was born about 4 Sep 1631 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Ma, Nabc. She was christened about 4 Sep 1631 in Bures, St. Mary, Suffolk, England . She died on 4 Aug 1694 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts . [Parents]


2498. Henry Green (e).Henry married Mary (e).

2499. Mary (e).


3328. Heinrich Holder was born in 1621 in Rineweil, Zh, Swtz .


3336. Dieterich Kattermann was born in 1601 in Michelfeld, Hdlbg, Badn. He died in 1653 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn . He married Ottilia Doll *. [Parents]

3337. Ottilia Doll * was born in 1605 in Sinsheim, Hdlbg, Badn . She died on 26 Jan 1675 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn . [Parents]


3338. Heinrich Funck was born in 1626 in Mettmenstetten, Zh, Swtz. He married Margretha Staehlin in 1644. [Parents]

3339. Margretha Staehlin was born about 1626 in Haischen, Germ. [Parents]


3340. George Bender was born on 28 Mar 1606 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. He died on 14 May 1672 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. He married Margaretha Doll in 1637 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. [Parents]

3341. Margaretha Doll was born in 1602 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. She died on 11 Dec 1667 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. [Parents]


3342. Hans Stuertzenecker was born about 1628 in Sinsheim, Hdlbg, Badn .


3930. George Peirce (e) was born in 1659 in Somerset, England. He died on 19 Jan 1733 in Marlborough, Chester County, Pennsylvania . He married Ann Gayner on 4 Nov 1679 in Gloucestershire, England .

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 PIERCE, GEORGE. E. Marlborough, yeoman. January 19, 1733/4. July 27, 1734. A. 418. Provides for wife Ann including all claims due from either of her former husbands. To son Joshua £50 also my share of Society Mill at Concord. To son Caleb 1/3 of d. To son Gainer the remainder 1/3 of said mills also my share in Thornbury School house. To daughter Betty Caldwell £50. To daughter Ann Gibbons £30. To daughter Mary wife of Joseph Brinton £50. To daughter Hannah wife of Edward Brinton £50. To grandson George Peirce son of Gainer £50 when 21, with rev to his 4 sisters, viz Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah and Susanna. Books to 7 children. Household goods to 4 daughters. Remainder to grandchildren. Executors: wife Ann, sons Joshua and Caleb. Letters to sons, widow renouncing. Witnesses: Wm. Webb, Thomas Harlan, Samuel Pyle.

3931. Ann Gayner was born about 1663 in England. She died before 1725 in Thornbury, Chester County, Pennsylvania . [Parents]


3956. Thomas Gilpin (e) was born in 1622 in Westmoreland, England . He died on 3 Feb 1682 in England. He married Joan Bartholomew (e).

3957. Joan Bartholomew (e) was born on 28 Aug 1625 in Shillingford, England . She died on 21 May 1701 in England.


3958. George Glover (e) was born in 1642. He died in 1695 in Pennsylvania. He married Alice Lamboll in 1670.

3959. Alice Lamboll was born in 1650. She died before 23 Feb 1691. [Parents]


3966. Nathaniel Richards * died in 1700 in Aston,Pennsylvania . He married Mary Mason *.

3967. Mary Mason * was born in 1665 in Aston Township,Delaware County,Pennsylvania. [Parents]


3968. Ebenezer Burnham * was born on 23 Dec 1691 in Chebacco, Essex Co., Ma . He died on 10 Mar 1746 in Hampton, Windham Co., Ct . He was buried in South Cemetery, Hampton, Windham Co., Ct . He married Dorothy Andrews on 29 Nov 1718 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Ma . [Parents]

Ebenezer Burnham moved from Ipswich, MA to Hampton, Windham Co., CT and became an ancestor of numerous progeny. He purchased , Feb 6, 1733-34, a farm of 100 acres for 350 pounds, bounded on Merrick's Brook. He with his wife joined the church at Hampton, "in full communion," Oct 20, 1734. The Burnham homestead is situated one-quarter of a mile from the old Burnham Meeting House.
Type: Book Title: Genealogical Records of Thomas Burnham, the Emigrant Author: Roderick H. Burnham Publication: Hartford Connecticut. The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co. Print Date: 1884 Text: p 192, #8

3969. Dorothy Andrews was born on 23 Nov 1697 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Ma . She died on 26 Jun 1760 in Hampton, Windham Co., Ct . She was buried in Jun 1760 in South Cemetery, Hampton, Windham Co., Ct .


3970. Zachariah Maynard (e)* was born about 1700. He married Susanna (e)*.

3971. Susanna (e)* was born about 1700.

Type: Web Site Author: Pat Hamp and Claren Bryson Title: The Burnham Clan URL: Date: 13 Aug 2001


3986. Richard Kimball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 6, 7 on 13 Oct 1643 in Watertown, Middlessex, Massachusetts. He died 8, 9 on 30 Jul 1715 in Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts. He married 10 Rebecca Abbe on 15 May 1667 in Wenham, Essex, Massachuettes. [Parents]

Custom Field:<_FA#> 19 May 1880

3987. Rebecca Abbe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 6, 7 in 1643 in Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts. She died 8, 9 in Jun 1704 in Wenham, Massachusetts. [Parents]

She was mentioned in
her father's will, 1683, and signed papers regarding the estate, 1702-

Provided by Jeromey Ward (


3990. Daniel Throop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 was born 10 about 1669 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts. He died 11 on 9 Dec 1737 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut. He was buried about 7 Dec 1737 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut. He married 12 Deborah Macey on 5 Jan 1696/1697 in Bristol, R.I.. [Parents]

Royal Ancestors of Some L.D.S. Families Compiled by Michel L. Call Page 25

3991. Deborah Macey 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 was born 11 in 1676 in Taunton, Bristol, Rhode Island. She died 12 in 1697/1698 in Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island. [Parents]

Royal Ancestors of some L.D.S. Families Compiled by Michel L. Call Page 25


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