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Ancestors of John William Brearton *

Eleventh Generation

1088. Gijsbert Thyssen Laenen was born on 2 Dec 1646 in village of Tuil, Gelderland Province, of the Netherlands. He died on 17 May 1727 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., Nj, USA . He married Jannetje Adriaens Lambertszen in 1672 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. [Parents]

1089. Jannetje Adriaens Lambertszen was born in 1652 in Thuyl, Gelderland, Netherlands . She was christened on 4 Jan 1651/1652 in Tuil, Gelderland, Netherlands . She died on 16 Jun 1732 in Somerset Co., Nj .


1092. Dirck Jansen van Sutphen 1 was born about 1645 in Tongerle, Limburg, Netherlands. He died on 29 Oct 1707 in Of Flatbush, & New Utrecht, Long Island, New York. He married Elizabeth (Lysbeth) van Nuyse in 1680 in , , , New Netherlands.

1093. Elizabeth (Lysbeth) van Nuyse 1 was born about 1647 in Of New Utrecht, Kings, New York. [Parents]


1094. Aert Tuniez Lanen van Pelt.Aert married Neeltje Janse van Tuyl.

1095. Neeltje Janse van Tuyl.


1152. John Hulett (e) was born about 1645. He died on 6 Nov 1708 in Rehoboth, Ma . He married Abigail Powell about 1670.

John Hulett (possibly a mariner) came to America prior to 1672. He married Abigail, daughter of Michael and Abigail (Bedle) Powell of Dedham and Boston. John bought land in Boston on April 26, 1678 and sold it on September 8, 1679. They probably moved to Newton, MA and then on to Rehoboth, MA. John died at Rehoboth, MA, on November 6, 1708. The only proven son was Samuel who may have died young as no record can be found of him after March 1676/7. Michael and John are assumed to be sons of John as they were both of about the right age and living in the same area as John. Additionally, Michael has the same first name as Abigail's father, Michael Powell. Possible relatives include: a John Hulett who married Hannah Whitaker in Concord, MA and appears to have died there as records indicate that Hannah, widow of John, remarried. There was also a Jonathan Hulett who was living in Rehoboth in the 1730's. Ancestral File says John and Abigail married February 6, 1672 in Rehoboth, MA. There is no source for this, however, it seems unlikely. Dedham or Boston seem far more probable. (WCS) The Hulet Quarterly (September 1970) says that in the will of John Howlett, the son of Thomas Howlett of Ipswich, MA, he willed some property to his cousin John Howlett, the one that married Abigail Powell and also willed some to this John's father and of this family were four sons and two daughters born in South Elham, Essex, England. The only will I've seen was William Howlett's (son of Thomas Howlett) where he willed property to his cousin (nephew) John and John's son John. This first John married Bathsheba Hoyt and lived in Topsfield his entire life. His son John married Hannah Averill and lived in Ipswich. Neither of these could be the same John who married Abigail Powell. [WCS]

1153. Abigail Powell was born about 1651 in Boston, Massachusettes. [Parents]


1248. Joseph Case * was born on 5 Oct 1656 in Hampton, Rockingham, Nh . He died on 6 Jul 1739 in Kensington, Rockingham, Nh . He married Elizabeth Green in 1692 in Hampton, Rockingham, Nh . [Parents]

From Bryan Cass- was a Captain. . Was a veteran of King Philip's War, He was paid for his services sterling 3 pounds, 8 shillings, 6 pence on August 24,1676. He was given half of his father's homestead in the Will. He was alsoa taxpayer in Hampton Falls in 1709. He is known to have died after 1718, as he was named in a land deal by his brother Ebenezer in that year. The Genealogical Register of the New Hampshire State Papers shows that he joined theState Militia after King Phillips's War. It also shows that he served as a Commander therein and went on many expeditions against the Indians. The StateLegislature paid him lump sums of money which he doled out to the troops whoaccompanied him. He is also resisted paying taxes to the Mason family- thedescendents of John Mason whho owned New Hampshire. The records are repletewith his and his brother Samuel's activities also against the Crown. Josephwas also a selectman for Hampton for the period of 1707-1717. The records indicated that he was on one Louisburg expedition. Joseph married ElizabethGreen Chase, the widow of James Chase after 1692- he and James were cousins.Her father was believed to have been Judge Henry Green who left a will withbequests to her children who were unnamed in the ill- a copy of which is in the NH Archives. Therefore it is not certain how many of the children of Joseph's second marriage were his naturally or by adoption. The will just refersto the children of the widow Elizabeth Green Chase. Joseph may have died ona Louisburg Expedition on 6 July 1739 as part of the NH militia.

1249. Elizabeth Green was born on 11 Jan 1655/1656. [Parents]


1250. Benjamin Nason (e).Benjamin married Martha Kenney (e).

From Bryan Cass-Joseph and wife settled in Epping Twp. Joseph was a Militia Commander-fought Indians.

1251. Martha Kenney (e).


1664. Rudolph Holder was born in 1653 in Rineweil, Zh, Swtz . He married Anna Barbara Booss on 24 Jun 1678. [Parents]

1665. Anna Barbara Booss was born in 1657/1659 in Rineweil, Zh, Swtz .

Also see:


1668. Hans Andreas Kattermann * was born on 5 Aug 1647 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. He died on 1 Sep 1700 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. He married Magdalena Funck * on 5 Feb 1671 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. [Parents]

1669. Magdalena Funck * was born on 24 Feb 1650 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. She died on 18 Mar 1703 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. [Parents]


1670. Hans Georg Bender was born in 1651 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. He died on 4 Dec 1720 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. He married Margretha Stuertzenecker on 13 Aug 1679 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. [Parents]

1671. Margretha Stuertzenecker was born in Jan 1660 in Sinsheim, Hdlbg, Badn. She died on 27 Mar 1717 in Duehren, Hdlbg, Badn. [Parents]


1740. Andreas Jung was born about 1667 in Hoffenheim, Hdlbg, Badn.


1928. Conrad Martin.Conrad married Anna Rumelsparker.

1929. Anna Rumelsparker.


1930. Johannes Wunderlich.Johannes married Anna Barbara Dentzler.

1931. Anna Barbara Dentzler.


1942. Hutchinson. married mother.

1943. mother.


1964. Joseph Brinton was born on 30 Jan 1692 in Thornbury, Chester County, Pennsylvania . He died on 18 Dec 1751 in Thornbury, Chester County, Pennsylvania . He married Mary Peirce * on 6 Dec 1711 in Concord Mm, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

1965. Mary Peirce * was born on 25 Apr 1690 in Thornbury, Chester County, Pennsylvania . [Parents]


1968. William Harvey Sr.(e)* was born on 5 Sep 1678 in Leigh, Stourbridge, Worchester, England . He died on 20 Jun 1754 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania . He married Judith Osborn (e)* in 1714.

1969. Judith Osborn (e)* was born in 1683 in Bilcon, Stafford, England . She died on 1 May 1750 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania .


1972. William Pusey (e)* was born before 1700. He married Elizabeth Bowater (e)*.

1973. Elizabeth Bowater (e)* was born before 1700.


1974. Ellis Lewis (e)* was born in 1680 in Concord, Franklin, Pennsylvania . He died in Jun 1750. He married Elizabeth Newlin (e)* in 1713.

1975. Elizabeth Newlin (e)* was born on 3 Jan 1687/1688 in Concord, Chester, Pennsylvania . She died in 1723.


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