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Ancestors of John William Brearton *

Thirteenth Generation


8052. Jason Allen (e) * was born in 1639 in <New London, New London, Conn.>. He married Mary Wilder *.

8053. Mary Wilder * was born on 30 Jun 1642 in Shiplake On Tham, Sulham, Reading, England. She was christened on 3 May 1642 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts. She died in Hingham, Norfolk, Ma. [Parents]


8054. John Seaborn Hastings * was born on 2 Jul 1643 in Atlantic Ocean, To, Ma. He was christened on 2 Jul 1643 in Cambridge, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He died in 1720 in Cambridge, Mass.. He married Lydia Champney * on 22 May 1668 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass. [Parents]

8055. Lydia Champney * was born in 1643 in Cambridge, Middlesexz, Massachusetts. She died on 23 Jan 1691 in Cambridge, Mass.. [Parents]


8064. William M. Stanley * was born on 18 Nov 1640 in Lathom Ormskirt, Lancaster, England . He died on 23 Dec 1670 in Lathom Ormskirt, Lancaster, England . He married Mary. [Parents]

[Rgboyd.ged] William M. Stanley and his wife, Mary, came to America, CA 1654.[xx.FTW]

8065. Mary was born about 1640.


8066. Thomas Budd was born on 19 May 1646 in Burlington, Nj . He died on 15 Feb 1697/1698 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . He married Susannah Senior. [Parents]


Title: Contributed by: Robert G. Boyd <> Repository: Call Number: Media: Electronic Text: Date of Import: Nov 16, 1999
Title: Contributed by: Robert G. Boyd <> Repository: Call Number: Media: Electronic Text: Date of Import: Jan 5, 2002

8067. Susannah Senior was born about 1650 in Burlington, Burlington, Nj .


8068. Nicholas Cottrell * was born in 1622 in Newport, Rhode Island. He married Martha.

8069. Martha.


8070. John Smith was born in 1610/1640 in Middleton, Monmouth Co, Nj.


8076. Gideon Marlett was born in 1621.


8078. Pierre Billiou was born in 1632 in La Bassee, Wicres, French Flanders, Belgium or Artois. He died on 6 Jan 1708 in Staten Island, Richmond, n.y. . He married Francoise du Boise on 20 Apr 1649 in Leyden, S. Holland, netherland .

8079. Francoise du Boise was born on 17 Jul 1622 in Reins, Marne, France, Normandy . She died in 1695 in Staten Island, Richmond, n.y. . [Parents]


8116. William Standley * was born about 1661 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . He died on 21 Feb 1688/1689 in Burlington, Burlington Co., New Jersey. He married Rebecca Budd * on 9 Dec 1686 in Burlington Mm, Burlington Co., New Jersey. [Parents]

Religion: Quaker

[Rgboyd.ged] William and his wife Rebecca were Quakers. Their marriage 9 Dec 1686 is found in Hinshaw's Quaker Encyclopedia.[xx.FTW]

Records show that William Standley used the name William Stanley at first and then later used the name William Standley.
reference: <>

8117. Rebecca Budd * was born about 1660 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . [Parents]


8118. Eleazer Cottrell * was born in 1654 in Middletown, Mnmth, Nj or Newport, Rhode Island . He died on 20 Apr 1727 in Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey . He married Sarah Smith * before 1681. [Parents]

Title: Rhode Island Genealogical Register - Vital Records - 1500s-1900s
Title: Kuhn, Ted - - Ruckman Family in America

8119. Sarah Smith * was born about 1648. [Parents]


8128. Thomas Upson 1, 2, 3 was born 4 in 1600 in England. He died 5 on 19 Jul 1655 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut. He married 6 Elizabeth Fuller on 23 Jan 1645/1646 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.

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8129. Elizabeth Fuller 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 was born 10 on 4 Apr 1626 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. She died 11 in 1714/1715 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut. She was buried Unknown in Fairsted, Essex, England.

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8130. John Lee 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 5, 6, 7, 8 about 1630 in Colchester Essex, England. He died 9, 10, 11, 12 on 8 Aug 1690 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut. He married 13, 14, 15 Mary Hart in 1658.

Of the original LEE settlers to America, there were five families between whom no relationship has been traced: JOHN (1d) to Hartford in 1635 and to Farmington in 1641; John to Ipswich, Mass in 1632; Richard to Virginia in 1641; Thomas to Boston about 1700; and Thomas(1) who died on passage to America and left his widow Phebe and children to Saybrook and thence to Providence and became the ancestor of a distinguished family in that city [from Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut].

(From Lees of Farmington Book)
Among the early emigranats to the Colonies were several families by the name of Lee, Lea, and Leigh - the same name but spelled in different ways. No connection, as far as learned, has been established among these families, except from inference, as coming from the same locality in England.

I. John Lee who came from Braintree, Essex Co. England in 1634 to Cambridge, came to Hartford 1635, and to Farmington 1641.

II.John Leigh (Lee) - "A younger son of an ancient and honorable family of Burton St., London." Described as a person of good abilities in the bloom of life - came to Mass. and settled aat Agawam or Ipswich in Essex Co. His name is first found on the Colonial records April 1, 1634. He died 1671. His two sons John and Joseph, by agreement, began 1677 to spell their name "Lee." A branch of this family settled at Barre, Mass. Gideon Lee, a former mayor of New York, was a member of this family. The geneealogy of this family was compild by Dr. William Lee M.D. of Washington D.C. (deceased February 1893) was published in 1888.

III. Thomas Lee left England (1641) with his family consisting of his wife, several daughter, and one son, Thomas. He died on the passage of smallpox.

IV. Richard Lee, of Virginia

V. Thomas Lee came in 1642 and settled at Ipswich, Mass. Records furnish little information.

VI. Henry Lee came in 1650- said to have come from Chesire, England - was born in Boston in 1655."Henry Lee is admitted an inhabitant (of Boston) on his good behavior, and Capt. Davenport is engaged to save the town any expense that may arise from his family." Eventually settled at Manchester, Mass. where he died 1675-Inventory Pounds144 debts Pounds 28.

VII. Walter Lee appears on the twon records at Westfield, Mass as early as 1660. The name continues on record for more than a century at Westfield and Northampton and then disapears. He is suppossed to have been the Walter Lee who made a "Freeman" at Haerford, May 1654.

VIII. Willian Lee, New York, In the History of Westchester Co. , New York. It is found that he came from Nottingham, Eng. in 1675 and his decendents settled on Long Islnad and New Jersey. They claim descent from the Lees of Lee Magna, Kent, England.

IX Samuel Lee of Swansea, Mass, came from Warwickshire, England in 1692. Buld a house near Lees River.

X. Thomas Lee of Boston. The name appears about 1700. This is a well known family of Boston, Cambridge, and other towns, prominent with other families with whome its member have intermarried. The Christian name of the first American ancestor seems not to have been positively settled. A bronze statue of Thomas Lee may be seen in Boston, but its significance has not been acertained.

XI Thomas and Benjamin Lee, of Boston, 1765, and Landcaster, Mass. 1797. No particulars of this family.

XII. William Lee of Norwalk, Conn. This is a highly respected family whose ancestor is believed to have been William, but at what time time he came to America is unknown. The descendants appeaar to have made their way up the Western part of the State, and were prevalent in Ridgfield and Redding in the early part of the last century, some of them purchasing land from the Indians. Still later the appeared in Salisbury. Joseph Lee and his wife, Mary and Joseph Jr. and wife Mary, were admitted to the church of Rev. Jonathan Lee by letter from Redding in Dec. 1747.


It has often been asserted that the Lees of Farmington and those of Virgnia were of the same English origin, and there has long been a standing tradition to that effect.

Tht both families came from Essex county, Englad, is clear, and their common origin is by no means impossible, but there is no satisfactory documentary evidence to show a family connection. TheNew England pilgrims were Puritans and Non-Conformists, who came for the purpose of seeking religious liberty and reedom. The Virginia Lees were churchmen and adherents of the Stuarts, and Richard Lee came out under a commission from the crown.

Of the pilgrims leaving home, a great majority were males, and but few past the mereddian of life. They had endured suffering and persecution in the wars of Charles I. and the severity of Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, in his hatred of heretics. Essex county, and especially Cholchester was the stronghold of dissenters from the days of Wickliffe and particularly so in the sisteensth century.

GENEALOGY OF THE DECENDENTS OF JOHN LEE by Rev Samuel (6) Lee fully printed in the REGISTER (for October 1860, xiv. 331). Note that Samuel's detailed efforts provided the primary reference for my genealogical
research of the early Lees. We are indebted to his scholarly presentation. I shall cite below, his preamble to his research.

"In the "Book of Rolls," so called, in London, there is a list of a company who sailed from Ipswich in the ship FRANCIS, John Cutting, master, bound for New-England 'the last of April 1634', (in an official paper containing the above list the date is the Tenth daye od April) in which we find the name of JOHN LEA, aged 13, in the care of William Westwood. Westwood was 28 and his wife, Bridget, 32 years of age.

"JOHN LEE, of course, was under the care of Westwood and went with him from Boston to Hartford. In 1641, a colony from Hartford settled the town of Farmington. JOHN LEE was one of them. Hiw house was where is now Miss Porter's school for young ladies. It is a common tradition among his decendants that he came from Colchester,-whose nearest port was Ipswich,- and the name, LEE, is a very common one in the records of that town. Among the first proprieters of Farmington was Deacon Stephen Hart, and young Lee may have had special reasons for emigrating with Deacon H. He afterward married his daughter Mary.

"JOHN (1) LEE, the emigrant, born in England about 1620; came to New-England, 1634; removed to Hartford Ct. 1635; one of the original settlers of Hartford; married MARY HART 1658;himself and his wife joined the church, Aug. 15, 1660. In the old cemetary in Farmington is his tombstone, with the following inscription. It is a course unhewn slab, some two feet in height and eighteen inches wide, that must have been broken out of the stone by a dull tool driven lengthwise and leaving the letters jagged:"
I : L : A G ' 70
D E ' S E D
8:8 :1690

.51 "The Descendants of John Lee of Farmington Conn." pub. 1897 page
55 referring to John Lee read.."our ancestor died August 8, 1690 (old
style) and was buried in the old cemetery at Farmington"... His
original gravestone still sand in the cemetery at Farmington and
read:"DESED S:8:1690". Therefore,according to old calendar in use at
the time, with March as the first month of the year, his death should
read October 8th 1690.

.51 "The Descendants of John Lee of Farmington Conn." pub. 1897 page
55 referring to John Lee read.."our ancestor died August 8, 1690 (old
style) and was buried in the old cemetery at Farmington"... His
original gravestone still sand in the cemetery at Farmington and
read:"DESED S:8:1690". Therefore,according to old calendar in use at
the time, with March as the first month of the year, his death should
read October 8th 1690.

Reference 1:The American Genealogist; Oicton Press P.O. Box 1111
Camden, Maine

There are several questions whicvh are still unsolved:
1. John (1) was a ward of the westwoods and lived with them until he removed to Farmington. The circumstances all go to show that his relations were those of consanguinty; but this can only be call inferential, and not show susceptibility of proof.
2. Who were his parents and family and what relation did he bear to those of his name, who emigrated from Essex Co. about the same period of time, and whom brief mention is made in this work (Sarah M. Lee)

a. Volume 9:Farmington Vital Records b...174
s.. John b.. 7 Dec 1683
s. Jonathan b 20 March 1688
d. Mary b. 15 March 1688/90
s Samuel b. 23 March 1694
s. Hezekyah b. 6 June 1697
d. Elizabeth b. 6 March 1700
d. Ruth b. 14 Jan. 1703

John Lee married Elizabeth Loomis 27 Dec. 1682

COLCHESTER, district and borough, county of Essex, England. It is
situated on the River Colne and has an area of 129 square miles. As
Camulodunum, the town of Colchester was the capital of the pre-
Roman Belgic ruler Cunobelinus and is so named on his coins.
Although burnt in AD 60, during the rising of the British queen
Boudicca, Colchester soon became one of the chief towns in Roman
Britain, and surviving relics of this period include walls and
gateways. The Saxons called the old town Colneceaste, and Domesday
Book (1086)mentions it as Colcestra. The town's first character was
given in 1189. Colchester's castle keep (built around 1080) is the
largest of its kind in England and now houses a museum of Romano-
British antiquities. Holy Trinity Church (1050) has a late Saxon
Tower, and the Augustinian St. Botolph's Priory retains part of the
Norman west front, nave, and arcades. The 13th-century town was a
major port. Both Elizabeth I and James I encouraged Flemish weavers
to settle there and to manufacture baize fabric, and cloth making
still flourishes. The trade in oysters from the River Colne also
has a long history.

The borough has picturesque scenery, ranging from the beaches and
estuaries, on the east coast to Dedham vicinity, which was often
the subject of John Constable's landscapes. Colchester town's
industries include printing and the manufacture of electrical
equipment, diesel engines, lathes, and bearings. The University of
Essex, founded in 1961, is in Colchester. Pop (1981)town 88,847,
(1991) prelim. 141,000.

The Puritan exodus was directly was directly connected with the English struggle for liberty. In the twenty years between 1620 - 1640, 26,000 came to New England; but of that number, scarcely 500 came before 1629.
The rest came between 1629 and 1640. This is the exact period when Charles I was trying to rule England without a Parliment.

The Pilgrims were more more radical and pronounced in their religius and political opinions, but the Puritans were not far behind them, especially since they had breathed the free air of the new world for a season.


Our interest in William Westwood arises from the fact of his guardianship over our common ancestot, John Lee, from the time of his immigration to this country , aged 13, to his majority at the age of 21, and the supposed relationship existing between them.

William Westwood was born in Essex County in the Eastern part of England, in 1606. Nothing is known of his arely life until his appearence in Cambridge, then called Newtown, about 1632. He is supposed to have come with a company from Braintree in Essex County, England, as the Cambridge records show.

In various records he is named as "Yoeman, a title next to Nnobility. He was possed of a landed estate, and either left itto come to America, or inherited it afwards, as appears by his appointment of an agent, with power of attorney to take charge of it.

Our information is gleanded entirely from meager public records, many of which are in such a defaced and mutilated condition as to require skill and patience to decipher.

Savage, in his genealogical Notes, says, "He may have beed there as early as 1632," and the records of Cambridge seem to confirm it. In an agreement concerning the dividio of pales (fences for a common field), William Westweoode was. . . "directed to build 39 rods," and "Stephen Hart, to build 8 rods," and others to build their shares. Dated (torn off, but the previous to December 24, 1633.) "The 5th August 1633, lots granted for cow yards: William Westwoode 1 acre,Stephen Hart 1/2 acre," and others.

Emigrants from England

Captains of vessels engaged in transporting passengers were oblige to furnish bonds for faithful performance of duty, and upon return of the vessel, with proper evidence of such duty performed, wer entitled of return of their bonds. The folowing is a copu of petition found on the records of the British Custom House of Ipswich, England:

The humble peticon and Certificates of John Cuttinge M of the shipp called the FFrancis and William Andrews Ma of the Elizabeth, both of Ipswich, Right honno accirdinge to yo Lo order will herew presente unto Yo Lo the names of all of the Passengers that went for Newe Wngland in the said shipps the Tneth daye of April laste paste.

Humble intriatinge Yo Lo (they havinge performed yo honno order), that the bonds that behalfe given may be delivered back to yo peticon, and they in duty bound, will dailie prays for yo honno, healthes, and happyness.
Ipswich Customhoyse this xij of Novemver 1664. Phill Browne pr Custr.
Edw. Mann , compt

8131. Mary Hart 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 was born 8, 9, 10, 11 about 1633 in England. She died 12, 13, 14, 15 on 10 Oct 1710 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. The cause of death was Horse fell.. She was buried in Old Farmington, , Cem.. [Parents]

Fell from horse while riding on pillion behind husband,died next day


8136. Samuel Blakeslee 1, 2, 3 was born in 1624. He died on 17 May 1672 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. He married Hannah Potter on 3 Dec 1650 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.

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Of Gulford, New Haven, CT

8137. Hannah Potter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was born about 1630. She was christened on 17 Oct 1641 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. She died on 7 Nov 1723 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. She was buried on 10 Nov 1723 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. [Parents]

Of New Haven, New Haven, Conn.


8158. Samuel Street 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 5, 6 on 14 Jul 1635 in Shute, Devonshire, England. He was christened in , Fairfield, , Connecticut. He died 7, 8, 9 on 16 Jan 1717/1718 in Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut. He was buried 10 in Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut. He married 11, 12, 13 Anna Miles on 3 Nov 1664 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.

8159. Anna Miles 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 5 about 1639 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. She was christened on 7 Oct 1642 in , Milford, New Haven, Connecticut. She died 6, 7, 8 on 19 Jul 1730 in Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut. She was buried 9 in Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut. [Parents]


8166. Richard Miles 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 5, 6 on 27 Aug 1598 in Great Munden, Hertfordshire, England. He was christened 7 on 27 Aug 1598 in Great Munden, Hertfordshire, England. He died 8, 9 on 16 Jan 1665/1666. He married 10, 11 Mary Katherine Elithorpe in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. [Parents]

Milford, New Haven, Connecticut

8167. Mary Katherine Elithorpe 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 5, 6 in 1592. She was christened on 5 Nov 1606 in Gisburn, Yorkshire, England. She died 7, 8 on 27 Jan 1687/1688.

Of Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut
Milford, New Haven, Connecticut


8168. John Johnson 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was born 7, 8 on 3 Nov 1639 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He died 9, 10 in 1687 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He married 11, 12 Hannah Parmelee on 30 Sep 1651 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. [Parents]


GEN: !Merged JFD0-4C

8169. Hannah Parmelee 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 5 in 1629 in Guilford , New Haven, Connecticut. She died 6 on 1 Dec 1690 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. [Parents]

; Temple: Apia


8180. George Orvis * was born in 1614 in Suffolk, England . He died on 27 Apr 1664 in Farmington, Ct . He married Elizabeth Robbins Carpenter * on 27 Apr 1644 in Farmington,,Connecticut . [Parents]

The Orvis name was also spelled Orvice by some branches of the family. Henry W. Orvis, of Cleveland, OH says positively that "George, William and Samuel Orvis sailed from Londonderry, Ireland, in the year 1629 for America, landing at a place 60 miles inland on the Piscataqua River in New Hampshire at or near what is now Portsmouth." (Note--there was a settlement made a short time before 1631 at the mouth of the Piscataqua River on land belonging to Capt. John Mason and under the leadership of Walter Neale. Altogether there were 60 men and 22 women, who called the settlement Strawberry Bank.) In the History of Northfield, Mass., George was referred to as the "Emigrant," but where he came from, on what ship and at what time, we do not know. THE ORVIS FAMILY IN AMERICA, Pages 11 & 12.
Title: The Orvis Family In America Repository: Call Number: Media: Book Page: Page 12

8181. Elizabeth Robbins Carpenter * was born in 1607/1632. She died on 26 Apr 1694 in Farmington, Ct .

Samuel ORVIS b: MAY 1653 in Farmington, CT
Hannah ORVIS b: APR 1655 in Farmington, CT
Roger ORVIS b: JUN 1657 in Farmington, CT
Ebenezer ORVIS b: 18 MAR 1658/59 in Farmington, CT
Margaret ORVIS b: JUN 1661 in Farmington, CT
Mary ORVIS b: JUN 1663 in Farmington, CT


8190. Thomas Porter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 was born 14 in 1620 in Essex, England. He died 15 on 13 Dec 1697 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut. He was buried in 1697 in , Hartford, Connecticut. He married 16 Sarah Hart on 20 Nov 1644 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.


REFN: 12292
Had 7 Daughters

8191. Sarah Hart 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 was born 14, 15 about 1622 in England. She died 16, 17 in 1697 in Kensington, Hartford, Connecticut. [Parents]



REFN: 12293
Had 7 Daughters


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